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Progress through the art of communication

David R Tollafield is a professional author, a member of the podiatry profession and a former practising podiatric surgeon with the College of Podiatry (London).

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NEW FOR 2018

Current Footlocker Article Belated Homage to a Great Teacher March 2018


Progress through the Art of Communication. Image & Branding. Reflective Podiatric Practise bulletin

available only to signed up podiatrists

Morton’s Neuroma. Podiatrist Turned patient. My Own Journey. A Printed 192 page book in full colour as well as an e-book from Amazon books @ £2.62. This introductory price will be going up at the end of March. Paperback version Amazon (retail £15.77 UK /$35.73 USA).

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Paperback £13.60 incl. P&P UK only. E-mail “Purchase Mortons” to busypencilcase_rcb@yahoo.com


Booklet: How to become a beta-reader


My ‘free’ on-line  treatment centre for patients is now available for reference and self-help sheets can be dowloaded. Previously only accessible to patients at my practice.



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The practice of Podiatry is regulated under the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) in the United Kingdom.




What the readers have said about my latest book

  • An excellent informative book for people suffering from Morton's neuroma, those contemplating surgery and healthcare professionals who manage problematic foot health conditions. Easy to read and understand with helpful diagrams.


  • I have been a practicing foot surgeon for about 38 years (in the USA). I found this book very much like the way I would try to inform patients about what their foot problem was ... I will definitely be advising my patients to read this and keep it handy as their disease process moves along.

    Dr Paul Stepanczuk DPM,

  • Wonderful book!! So helpful and not all medical jargon that you can't understand. Would recommend this highly to anyone who is about to undergo this kind of surgery.


  • “I liked the diagrams very much … diagrams and drawings are a highly useful way to convey complicated information.”

    Lyndon Jones,

  • “…I think that your book should become a “MUST HAVE” for everyone interested in Morton’s Neuroma - patients and clinicians alike.”

    Dr Marius Vintila,