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Progress through the art of communication

David R Tollafield is a professional author, a member of the podiatry profession and a former practising podiatric surgeon with the College of Podiatry (London).

  • This is a public site intended to guide patients with answers and questions covering foot health.
  • Leaflets are also offered for podiatrists wishing to promote their services.


A  self-help treatment centre is in the process of further development this year. My latest book Morton’s Neuroma is available on kindle and has self-help features.

Please check out Footlocker for regular blogs.

Education Information for factsheets

Clinicians Portal for professional information.

The practice of Podiatry is regulated under the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC). See our U-tube film on podiatric surgery from the College of Podiatry .


Please ask your GP or use the Podiatrist’s organisation website to find a local practitioner.


What the readers have said about my latest book

  • Wonderful book!! So helpful and not all medical jargon that you can't understand. Would recommend this highly to anyone who is about to undergo this kind of surgery.


  • “I liked the diagrams very much … diagrams and drawings are a highly useful way to convey complicated information.”

    Lyndon Jones,

  • “…I think that your book should become a “MUST HAVE” for everyone interested in Morton’s Neuroma - patients and clinicians alike.”

    Dr Marius Vintila,

  • “Very easy to understand … I would have found it helpful to have something like this as I was on google and wanted as much information as possible prior to surgery.”

    Mrs J Norton, Patient,

  • "I think this is a novel and brilliant piece of work. I worked through some of your experiences with the team at Ilkeston... the consent chapter was exceptional."

    Dr Tim Kilmartin (consultant),