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New information planned in the coming week from consultingfootpain

New more to help patients with foot pain from podiatric (foot) specialists. Self-help booklets and information sheets for practice patients only. Please ask my secretary Geraldine for the password for access. From August use your information leaflet issued at each consultation for the password.New booklet guides have been prepared for self help treatment. Application of padding dressings for foot conditions.
New mid foot pain (arthropathy) information Factsheet 58. A growing and important part of patient complaints. Smoking and the effects on surgery and health. Factsheet 41. And, a third – Fact sheet 33 is added on other forms of nail pain, especially bone pain.
Clinicial Portal scientific publication ‘Articulo’ on sedation in practise and mid foot pathology protocol developed Walsall’s podiatric surgery department. All information will be updated this month.

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