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Pain all over the foot!

Pain all over the foot!

If I had a fiver for every patient who told me that they had pain on the outside of the foot I could give up practise. But seriously, outside, or lateral foot pain more often than not arises because a patient alters their foot position. Pain is more often on the inside of the foot, so we tip the foot in the opposite way to avoid pain. It should come as no surprise that multiple foot or joint pain, which can extend to the knee, hip or back, can often be due to foot pain.

We will examine all the joints and include the leg and back where necessary to ensure the pain is foot related. At Spire Little Aston Hospital we have back, knee and hip specialists working with my practice to treat the problem and get to the bottom of your concern, together with our excellent physiotherapy team at Perform, Spire Hospital Little Aston.

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