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The Chilled foot this New Year 2015

Back in my clinic at Spire Little Aston Hospital after Xmas 2014-5 it is time to write a few more clinical notes.

Winter is a time for cold feet but in some cases patients suffer more than just from the nasty cold sensation. In truth, in the UK many conditions we see in winter occur throughout the year.

The effects of a drop in temperature can affect the limbs and feet in older patient groups, those with diminished circulation, poor health and those who are hypersensitive to thermal variations. Females are more exposed to the demands of fashion than men. Warm limbs are important and both footwear and clothing are relevant for best insulation.

The shelves of good pharmacies offer some insulating products. Dealing with broken skin requires first aid, checking health status and pedal circulation. Beware not all who suffer chilling have poor circulation. There are medical problems that can add to the discomfort.

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