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Chicken and egg?

We have all heard of the ditty, the leg bone is connected to the foot bone (Google the Skeleton Dance on u-tube, it’s fun to watch the animation alone), and so it is not surprising when a patients says, ‘I have a pain in my foot and also in my hip’. Sometimes we can recall when it happens at other times it is all a bit vague as it may have crept up on us. Pain is no fun anyway and can make us miserable. Musculoskeletal problems as we call the whole area of study, can be covered by numerous professionals so it can be confusing selecting who to seek help from. Most modern podiatrists have been educated in musculo-skeletal foot biomechanics today and so the chance of missing a connection with the foot and hip for example should be less likely.

Foot pain without doubt alters the way we walk and so it is not a good idea to leave finding out the reason for your discomfort or you might find that your problem magnifies along the length of the body. Today in clinic my patient had the all too common fasciitis. That is pain from the heel to the arch put in simple terms. Once we had finished our discussion and I had taken a history covering the problem, she mentioned she had pain in the thigh and hip. The main pain in fact affected her hip bone at a point called the greater trochanter. The outside muscle band inserts into this and it is a common site for pain as the sac (bursa) becomes inflamed. So what seemed as just a foot problem upon referral turned out to be a little more. At Spire we team up with physiotherapy to manage a wide range of musculo-skeletal problems so we can focus on the whole body; after all a patient does not stop at the ankle!


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