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In the Shadow of Hippocrates

Forty years on this July I first embarked on a career in Podiatry, so this year is special to me.

No-one makes a successful career without benevolence from other sources. We owe much to those who gave their time freely for little recompense. This was in part due to a medical profession who transferred their confidence to a disparate group of men and women back in the seventies. The part that USA podiatry played cannot be ignored, and today we see  our US cousins still making the same journey to the UK to lecture, only now to see a stronger profession.

Following the successful podiatric surgery conference in March in the West Midlands, I am pleased to pass my second article on for those signed up – In the Shadow of Hippocrates. A book in draft that gathers dust and charts my past, but too effervescent to publish in its original form. Not least it runs to 300,000 words! Maybe one day it will come out, but, in the meantime I pay tribute to colleagues sadly passed and those still working who made a difference to our profession, and not just in foot surgery.

Wishing you all a Happy Easter holiday…

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