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Geraldine Fahy (0121-580-7302) Geraldine joined me at Spire Little Aston Hospital in January 2014  as my secretary and we have worked together with our patients for three years now. Geraldine  has a wide range of experience in medical work within the UK and Australia. Her contact  number is for previous patient enquiries or follow up and those who are working with me on my patient-journey series only:

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BPCC Ltd was established in 2015 and is an independent business to promote podiatry through the specialty of podiatric surgery. The website consultingfootpain.co.uk grew into a large repository of information for patients undergoing treatment for the author and director David Tollafield.

My aim is to provide a service to patients and podiatrists about fundamental foot health.


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Having retired from podiatry in 2017, David wants to assist the lay reader and patient with the most common areas of foot pain whether  simple and related to traditional complaints (such as nails and skin), or deformity. He writes on Linkedin, Facebook but his first home is Footlocker and forms an accessible platform for the public to review common issues with suggestions. There is a opportunity to provide feedback to these blogs or posts. The traditional factsheets can still be accessed as before and development of his (self-help) treatment centre will build as new books come on-line. For those purchasing his books the password and links to the site will be freely available.

Public groups may benefit from talks by podiatrists about their work. Please write to mypatientjourneys@mail.com or contact The Society of Chiropodists & Podiatrists for talks in your locality or e-mail enq@scpod.org

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While podiatrists desire a need to deliver excellent information  to patients, sometimes the background evidence is not available or access to literature to support clinical discussions. BPCC Ltd can contribute forty years of clinical knowledge and skills in communication to provide information by way of leaflets lecture presentations and customised material to enhance their presentation to patients.



Talks and communication

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With changes in the healthcare system independent practitioners need to remain sharp in regard to making a good case to commissioners especially where NHS services have been diluted by reduced funding and services. More than ever patients need to be able to know more about their foot health.