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Consulting Foot Pain Development of the website

Consulting Foot Pain was established at Spire Hospital in October 2014 after I left Walsall’s Manor Hospital following 20 years working as a consultant podiatric surgeon for both the Community and Acute sectors. The NHS hospital was only just starting to embrace website models and no individual site could be incorporated at the time. This seemed a golden opportunity to build a site for my patients as the wealth and weight of leaflets needed was becoming difficult to manage. In 2015 I established Busypencilcase Communications Ltd which embraced the clinical information wing. This has grown with new ideas of providing patient based information starting in 2017 with the first of my patient journey books. The next two years looks interesting as I apply my clinical knowledge to writing skills.

This site has been used effectively for patient advisory information and the material presented has been broken down into three key areas:

  • A patient / public blog (footlocker)

  • Education for patients about treatment (surgery in the main)

  • Clinician portal – details at a more complex level accessible to the public



In 2018 I decided to retire from practice after 40 years as a podiatrist and to concentrate on authorship and journalism in my field. The website today is different from the original model but contains the key attributes. I no longer see patients but I am always keen to hear about patient experiences which can be incorporated (with permission and anonymity) into my writing.

About Me

Foot Pain Podiatric surgical services at Spire Little Aston Hospital BirminghamAs a podiatrist I trained in London at the London Foot Hospital (University College Hospital) 1975-1978. My surgical Fellowship was gained in 1986 and I have worked both in the NHS and Independent sector in hospitals mainly around the Midlands.

Between 1985-1993 I was a full-time lecturer at what is now University of Northampton (Nene College) as Deputy Head and started both an undergraduate and post-graduate training centre.

In 2018 I retired from clinical practice to become a full-time writer having established Busypencilcase Communications Ltd in 2015. You can read more about the objectives of the company under Busypencilcase Communications Ltd.

David R Tollafield, FCPodM, MSc, BSc, DPodM, FCPM


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