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Foot Pain Consultant Birmingham - Podiatric surgical services at Spire Little Aston Hospital

David Tollafield – Consulting Foot Pain – Background

David Tollafield qualified from University College Hospital (London Foot Hospital) in 1978 studying originally as a chiropodist. Upon qualifying he entered into the new training programme called ‘podiatry’ and with his skills decided to become a podiatrist specialising in advanced work based on the American model.

Qualifications and awards

In 1980 he took his primary fellowship examination (now called Part 1). He won the Jubilee Award and Winston Churchill fellowship in 1981 and studied biomechanics in San Francisco and later Philadelphia.

Experience with orthotics

He opened a small country practice in 1981 in Staffordshire and became a director of an orthotic company then decided to return to the NHS for a short spell in Derbyshire. He undertook research into orthotics with Professor David Pratt publishing several articles and providing lectures.


He became a full time lecturer at the University of Northampton (Nene College, School of Podiatry) in 1985 after qualifying in education (1982) and became Deputy Head of school and a senior lecturer where he remained for nearly 10 years.

Surgical fellowship

He completed his final fellowship examination (FCPodS) to become a full fellow in podiatric surgery and embarked on setting up a surgical programme within the school clinic based at Northampton General Hospital. He set up a joint course in podiatric and orthopaedic surgery using his knowledge of biomechanics and orthotics for final year students and examined with a local consultant orthopaedic surgeon Mr David Bromage.

Writing & consultancy

He completed two text books in 1995/7, finished a degree and thesis in remedial health sciences then moved to Walsall after being offered one of the first full time consultant posts in podiatric surgery in England.  In 2015 he published a children’s book under the pen name Rob C Blyth called The Story of Cristal Rouge (c/o Amazon books).He is currently writing a short autobiography about his professional life and hopes to turn to fictional writing shortly. He is a Director for BusyPencil Case Communications Ltd.

NHS work and Podiatric surgery

He went on to set up a NHS health service at the Manor Hospital, Walsall, at Dudley’s Corbett Hospital and Sandwell’s city hospital. He additionally set up a private practise in Halesowen (West Midlands Hospital) and the current Spire Little Aston Hospital in Sutton Coldfield.

Current work

In 2013 he retired from Walsall after 20 years as their consultant in podiatric surgery, and decided to consolidate his practice as an independent podiatric surgeon at Spire Little Aston. He works closely with many medical colleagues and orthopaedic surgeons at Spire where he feels an integrated service is more equitable for NHS and insured patients as well as those wishing to pay for their own treatment. The opportunity for variety is exciting and he still finds his brand of healthcare heavily in demand as the local area of West Midlands has few podiatric surgeons.

Research work

He has completed a piece of research to classify corns and callus based on a paper he published in 1985 (see clinician portal) at Huddersfield University for his MSc and continues with classification and the study of physiology and mechanics on adipocytes affecting the human foot using his experience with histopathology of corns and callus.

Professional Work

In 1992-3 David became Director of Education (Podiatric surgery) with the Podiatry Association’s College and revamped the former Fellowship system. In 1998-2000 he became a Councillor for the Society of (Chiropodists) & Podiatrists and worked on the Professional Practice Committee to bring in a new database and audit system for Podiatric surgery called Podiatry Audit in Surgery and Clinical Outcome Measurement (PASCOM). In 2010 this was launched as the first national database system for foot surgery in the UK. He has undertaken various consulting work for Trusts and the Highways Agency Traffic Officers (H.A.T.O). In 2008 he became a member of the College of Podiatry Faculty of Podiatric Surgery, Vice-Dean in 2011 and Dean in 2012. During 2014 he became the first Chair of the new Directorate of Podiatric surgery for the College of Podiatry as new changes were made to the organisation’s educational structure. He continues as a senior examiner for the College and has worked closely with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) and the British Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society in improving high standards in the UK for foot surgery. He has a strong belief in single standards of care delivery for orthopaedic and podiatric surgery to protect the public.David stepped down from the College Committee during the Summer of 2014 to concentrate on smaller areas of work for the College and his professional organisation.

Recent awards:

In 2012 he was awarded the Fellowship in podiatric medicine for non surgical academic contributions to his profession.www.feetforlife.org

Masters in Science (Theory of Podiatric Surgical Practise) 2016


He has been married for over thirty years and has four children. His hobbies are varied from music to writing for pleasure, travelling and playing guitar badly when time permits.

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