Podiatric surgery - Foot Pain Birmingham

Foot Pain Consultant Birmingham - Podiatric surgical services at Spire Little Aston Hospital

Podiatric surgery – Foot Pain Birmingham

Consultations in Podiatry, for foot surgery and foot pain management in Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom

Our Birmingham foot pain service is based in Sutton Coldfield at Spire’s Little Aston Hospital.

Podiatry is a foot health science which embraces biomechanics, dermatology, and nail surgery. It is based on the study of traditional medicine, physiology, anatomy, physics, chemistry, biology as well as pathology and pharmacy.

Podiatric surgery is a branch of podiatry that deals with the management of foot pain by surgical means but also by conservative methods such as joint injections, orthoses and insole foot appliances. There are fewer podiatric surgeons than podiatrists because of the length and complexity of training.

Podiatric surgeons use the term Podiatric Surgery to prevent confusion with the title podiatrists and podiatry. Podiatrists cannot perform invasive bone surgery, or offer the wide range of diagnostic care for foot pain. Podiatric surgeons are not medical doctors neither are they orthopaedic surgeons, although the humorous term ‘Noctors’ has been cited. As a Podiatric surgeon David Tollafield works within a Multi-Disciplinary Team (M.D.T) at Spire Little Aston Hospital to offer the best management for private and self-funding patients.

Foot and ankle pain management at our Birmingham location is our business. Pain can be associated with many different causes from old foot injuries to medical diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis in the foot. David Tollafield works closely with a wide range of medical consultants including Perform, our physiotherapy department at Spire Little Aston Hospital. Podiatrists are also attached to Perform, Spire Little Aston Hospital and concentrate on Musculo-Skeletal problems and ‘biomechanics’.

Common foot pain problems at our Birmingham Hospital, Spire Hospital Little Aston

Hallux valgus at Spire Little Aston Hospital, often known as the ‘bunion’, is the commonest condition that finds its’ way to the podiatric surgeon.

Metatarsalgia is pain in the ball of the foot but it can be due to inflammation of joints, arthritis, Morton’s Neuroma or even fractures.

Mid-foot pain, known as arthropathy is frequently associated with small (bones of the foot) joint inflammation and highly treatable. Multi-disciplinary working with radiologists and radiographers in our special clinics is valuable at Spire Little Aston Hospital.

Ganglions and bursae affecting the foot and causing foot pain need specialist help. Swellings (lumps and bumps) causing foot pain are rarely malignant, but we never assume this.

Hindfoot or rearfoot pain can relate to ankle tendonitis, flat feet (fallen arches), fasciitis, heel pain, and nerve pain.

All foot pain problems can lead to reduced mobility, weight gain (obesity), depression and loss of time from work.

This article was written by David Tollafield. Thanks for reading Podiatric surgery – Foot Pain Birmingham.