Secretaries & Administration

Mr Tollafield works with a number of people who will come into contact with the public. His own practise is managed by a number of key people below:


Geraldine Fahy (Podiatric Surgery) Private patients only

Geraldine Fahy joined Spire Little Aston Hospital in January 2014  as my secretary. Geraldine  has a wide range of experience in medical work within the UK and Australia. She works Tuesday and Wednesday 9-5 pm and Friday 9-12 pm. 0121-580-7302

Melanie Bryant (secretary and general practice queries) Private patients only

Melanie has worked with Podiatric Surgery for over 15 years and supports all the secretaries at Spire Little Aston Hospital. When my secretary is not available you will be able to contact her for any queries. Please use the number above initially 0121-580-7302.

Amie Firmstone & Helen O’Reilly (NHS Patients only)

Amelia looks after our NHS ‘Choose and Book Patients’  and assists with queries related to treatment approval and matters related to follow up appointments. Contact her office on 0121-580-7133.

No new appointments can be set up without a GP referral.

All patients attending for surgery must complete their Preoperative Medical Questionnaires to avoid delays in booking to theatre.

Jackie Ravenhill (Private patient accounts)

Has worked with me for 10 years and deals with my patient accounts. We have to deal with nearly a dozen different medical insurers and so problems can arise as all insurers have different systems. Jackie does not work at the hospital but can be reached on 01543 481929 and has an answer phone.Please remember Jackie only deals with insurer queries not appointments or NHS work.

Outpatient appointments

All appointments are made by our reception staff and you can contact our hospital to make an appointment with me by telephoning 0121 580 7151. Clinics are closed for special holidays such as around Christmas and of course when I am away on annual leave. Staff will always ask if you are insured and you will need details of your insurer authorisation number. NHS ‘Chose and Book Patients’ are approved to attend by an independent panel.

You will need to inform me of any medication prescribed, allergy history and fill in a questionnaire called MOXFQ for your current condition.

We cannot treat children at our hospital; this means under 16 years of age. Mr Tollafield is happy to examine, discuss any foot problem with parents but he can only make recommendations to your GP.


Jo Youster

Business Development Manager at Spire Hospital Little Aston coordinates with all consultants and teams to offer the best services at our hospital.

Lauren McLarney or Louise Downey

Primary Care Managers work to liaise directly with GP practices in the West Midlands area. 0121 580 7230. Lectures on aspects of foot health management can be arranged through our business team for healthcare professionals. Lauren Mob. 0770 2141 482

Thanks for reading: Secretaries & Administration. Consulting Foot Pain – David Tollafield, Birmingham