Treatment Centre - Self Help

Patient guide booklets and printed material:This section is intended for patients who want to manage their own problems and was originally provided for my clinical patients. With the advent of the internet most readers or prospective patients want to solve their own problems. I have provided some common conditions in this section and hope this offers more information. Please e-mail me should you have specific requests for further information to

General foot pain booklet 1
My patient guide offers you general information which you can print off after your consultation. This was written originally for ‘Highways Agency Traffic Officers’. This includes protective boots, skin & nails, heel problems, toe deformity, flat foot, high arch feet, metatarsalgia and tendon pain.

Guide book 2 – Stretching your calf (achilles tendon) and hamstrings
The help sheet deals with heel pain and fasciitis as well as other common tendon concerns. Please note the Pro-stretch and Slant board are no longer available for renting. The Pro-stretch was not particularly successful for fascial pain.

Guide book 3. (Entitled sheet 2) Arch supports, orthoses, inlays, insoles and appliances explained. The booklet deals with orthoses in an 8 page with illustrated guide to better understanding of orthoses. Click on orthoses (highlighted) below.


Guide book 4 – Nail problems and self management explained
The help sheet deals with nail problems.

Principles of Padding guide (1)

In this general guide the principles are covered for safe application of padding in felt, foam and fleece/moleskin. Learn about the secrets of treatment in podiatry by doing it yourself for free!

Sesamoiditis (2)

For pain under the great toe.

Painful Toe (3)

Additional help with preventing the toe from hurting by restricting movement.

Heel Bump (4)

The heel bump can affect any patient and lead to considerable discomfort. Avoid surgery with this pad design.

Frictional Callus (5)

You might not cure callus but this pad offers help at home if you are in trouble.

Navicular (Midfoot) Pain (6)

A common condition in teenagers but anyone may benefit from this protecting especially if the arch seems to flatten out.

Pain from spur over midfoot (8)

Refer to other factsheets such as 58. This pad may improve shoe comfort dramatically and avoid the need for surgery in some cases.

Interdigital corn or callus (9)

Although temporary help toe pain with this little pad. Surgery may still be required.

Toe Cleft Corn (10)

The soft corn is tough to manage but this pad like any is tried and tested over 1/2 century.

Morton’s Neuroma (11)

Carefully crafted, this pad may just save you from a problem when attending that wedding. If this does not work, consider an injection with your podiatrist.

Metatarsal foot pain (12)

Again where corns or pressure arises this pad may offer much relief.